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About Us

Chris Paquette owner and creator of Comic Books Or Us is a one-of-a-kind young man. Born in December 2002 to his loving parents Marc and Dione and proceeded by his older brother Eric. To his family’s surprise CP was born with autism, thus began a unique life journey of Chris Paquette. This has been a journey of growth, uncovering and discovering of who Chris really is and the unique talents and gifts that Chris has been blessed with.  One of the most distinguished gifts that Chris has developed is his gift of writing. Chris began his writing career in high school. What started out a well engaged hobby turned into the blossoming of a crafted imagination at work. The summer of 2017 was the start of his professional comic book business. At just 14 years of age he began selling his comic books to friends and family and friends at his ABA summer camp. This is a great feat for any entrepreneur let alone someone with autism. Chris has been writing stories and comic books since developing his sense of humor and creating an ever-broadening market for his work. His focus has been Markets and Fares where people who have known Chris could support his expanding endeavor, however it has become clear to Chris that he is ready for a larger audience and therefore, he began developing the idea for an online presence with his new company which is Comic Books Or Us. It is an exciting time for Chris to take his creative work to the next level.


November 2021

CP displays his new releases

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